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On-Line Threat Prompts Fear in School of the Osage District

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An online message apparently posted on snapchat causes a disruption in classes on Wednesday in the School of the Osage District. The district sent out emails and text messages to parents and guardians informing that they had been made aware of a message that did not specify the attack would happen within the district but did outline a plan to shoot up a school and then a grocery store not even located in the lake area before blowing up a bomb to make the attack the biggest in school history. Word spread prompting dozens of parents with kids in, at least, the middle school to pick up their children.

      NEWS-05-11-2023 SCHOOL THREAT

Osage Beach and Lake Ozark Police beefed up their presence at the district buildings while the threat could be further investigated. Several other schools around the lake area told KRMS News they were aware of a threat but that it did not cause any real disruptions throughout the day. All activities for School of the Osage today and classes tomorrow will proceed as planned.

All News RSS Feed Crime State News Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony