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Osage Beach Fire Gives Insight Into “Chaotic” Scene Following Fatal Boat Crash

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A scenario that usually only happens in training exercises presented itself in real life drama Saturday night for the Osage Beach Fire District and other first responders after a boat crash near the 23-mile mark of the main channel.

Deputy Chief Steve Lucas says the preliminary report indicated four people were on the boat but, upon arrival, it was quickly determined to be a mass casualty incident.

“My thoughts were, do we have enough resources on the scene to handle what we have? And the safety of my people that were in the water making sure they had life jackets and the proper equipment that they needed to take care of what they had?”

Lucas also says, in addition to some victims being thrown into the water and some onto the break-water that was hit by the boat, other complications included bystanders wanting to get a view of what was happening.

“We were there to take care of the people that needed our help. The worst may have asked some people to move out of the way. And maybe when you ask them two and three times, you’re not as polite as you were the first time.”

A Sunrise Beach woman was killed in the accident and three others injured according to the highway patrol report.

There were at least another 11 taken to the hospital for evaluation and/or treatment.

Charges are expected to be filed against the operator of the boat for BWI-death of another.

All News RSS Feed Crime Top Stories Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony