Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


Osage Beach Looking Ahead At Upcoming Lakeport Project

While preliminary ground work has been underway for a while now on the future Lakeport project in Osage Beach, all eyes are looking ahead to an expected opening of at least part of the development during the summer of 2024.

Mayor Michael Harmison, speaking on KRMS Radio and TV, says the project includes a future Marriott Hotel and entertainment district being made available through the developer’s use of a TIF which is a basic give-and-take concept for funding.

Anybody can apply for a tax break if they qualify. And there’s a but for clause that the state mandated that the tiff is not given, but for the fact that they would qualify for that and they would not be able to do the project without the tax revenue break.”

Harmison also says, despite some public sentiment when it comes to a TIF, the bottom line for the project is easily understood.

Are they good for the city? I believe so, I believe so. And again, what, you like to have 3% of nothing or 1.5% of a 360 million.”

The project is located on a 25-acre venue off Jeffries Road near the Grand Glaize bridges.

Reporter Mike Anthony