Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


Osage Nation Nation Pushes Forward With Casino Minus The Support Of Lake Ozark Following Mayor’s Vote

With a proposed Osage Nation Casino coming to Lake Ozark recently hitting a snag when the board of aldermen, with the mayor casting a tiebreaking vote, shot down a resolution supporting the concept, where does the issue currently stand?

That, apparently, could be anybody’s guess right now.

The Osage Nation continues to maneuver through state and federal channels in an effort to bring the $60-million project to the property they purchased in Lake Ozark.

However, some reports indicate that the casino is now a moot idea without support of various entities…namely the City of Lake Ozark and Miller County.

The questions were thrust to the forefront during the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen meeting when Mayor Dennis Newberry, quoted by a different media source, said that he opposed the idea based on having no details on the Osage Nation’s plans.

However, the resolution as written would’ve also authorized city staff to engage in communications with the tribe to find out those details.

Reception and support of a casino in Lake Ozark is hit-and-miss as evident earlier this year when the city voted to support a measure to expand casino gambling in Missouri on the premise that it would be located on the Osage River in Lake Ozark.

That attempt failed to reach the governor’s desk from the General Assembly.

KRMS News has left messages and will pass along more information about where the project stands should we receive a reply from the Osage Nation.

Reporter Mike Anthony