Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


Osage Village Inn Steps In To Help Community During Cold Snap

An Osage Beach business is going behind the almighty dollar and offering a hand to those who need to break free from the bitter cold for a night or two.

It’s freezing cold outside. My heat is on and I’m opening my doors to those in need,” says Natalie Biggers, owner of the Osage Village Inn Hotel.

She tells KRMS News that she started offering free rooms last week, for those who need to get out of the cold.

Biggers also says there really aren’t any specific criteria to take advantage of her offer other than just needing a little help to get by…”Throughout the year. I have a lot of churches that contact me to try to put people up. So, I mean, the situation is here at the lake year round, but and on top of that, just people, you know, they live in homes that are not very well insulated or heat goes out. People have children. You know, it’s really hard down here.”

Those needing a room can Facebook Biggers direct or call the Osage Village Inn Hotel (573-348-5207).

The cold snap is expected to last another day or two.

Reporter Mike Anthony