Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


Power Outages Grow As Severe Storms Pass Over The Lake Region

Thousands of people across Mid-Missouri were sent into the dark, after not one…but two rounds of severe storms plow through the Lake Region.

At the height of the second round of storms near Midnight Tuesday morning, over 8,000 people had lost power…most of them along the Interstate 44 Corridor.

Area cooperatives reported massive power failures in Pulaski County, with nearly 6,000 without power and another 1,500 without power in Laclede County.

Camden County also had over 800 without power while other areas to the north were at 100 or less, except Jefferson City, who saw nearly 500 during the first round of storms.

There were at least 8 tornado warnings issued around the Lake Region, along with numerous severe thunderstorm warnings.

Repairs are underway across the region to restore power and you can track that progress below:


Here’s the latest from each of the area power companies:

Ameren: https://outagemap.ameren.com/

Evergy: https://outagemap.evergy.com/

CO-OPS: https://www.amec.org/statewide-outage-map


***Previous story:

Hundreds of Lake Area residents are facing power outages following the first round of severe storms that moved through the area Monday night.

At last check, there were over 700 people without power in Camden County, over 1,600 in Laclede County, Over 5,500 in Pulaski County, Over 800 in Dallas County and numerous others without power across the rest of the Lake Region.

At one point over 400 people were also without power in the Jefferson City area.

Storms moving/continuing to move through the area have resulted in numerous Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and numerous Tornado Warnings so far.



Reporter John Rogger