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Power Outages Remain Ongoing Across The Lake Area

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Power outages are starting to pop up across the Lake Area as high winds continue across the region.

As of late Friday afternoon, nearly 3,000 people across the Lake were without power….1,500 of them in Camden and 1,600 of them in Morgan counties.

Most of the outages are in the COMO and Southwest Electric Territories.

Residents in Laclede, Sac-Osage, Intercounty and Gas-co-osage territories were also affected.

Both power giants Ameren and Evergy also saw power outages in their respected territories, most due to damage from flying debris or falling trees.

For more on the outages see your service provider below:



Ameren: https://outagemap.ameren.com/ 

Evergy: https://outagemap.evergy.com/

CO-OPS: https://www.amec.org/statewide-outage-map

All News RSS Feed Friday, March 31st, 2023

Reporter John Rogger