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Save The Brumley Bridge Organization To Hold Next Meeting On April 20th

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The next meeting of a group trying to restore the historic swinging bridge in Brumley for use by motorists is on the calendar.

Bridge committee member Marlena Hatmaker says the meeting is set for Thursday, the 20th of this month.

Keeping a close eye on the efforts is the Miller County Commission which says that money is the biggest obstacle to the efforts.

“The trouble is….the county has already spent $30,000 in engineering fees on the bridge….the next step is a $20,000 core sample and we just found out that MODOT has a $100,000 fracture test that will also be required.”

Presiding Commissioner Kevin Cardwell also says that restoring the bridge for pedestrian use only is probably out of the question because that price-tag would be considerably higher.

The ‘save-the-bridge’ meeting, on the 20th, begins at 6:00 at 24 Swinging Bridges Road in Brumley.

All News RSS Feed Politics Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony