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SBFPD Puts New Fire Boat Officially In Service

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Water-related rescue and other efforts are enhanced in the lake area after the Sunrise Beach Fire District officially puts its new fire boat into service.

Chief Joseph LaPlant says that Marine-39, a 32-foot vessel with several bells and whistles, was purchased from a district in New Jersey back in April for $175-thousand.

The funds were freed up and available when the district received another grant for $265-thousand to go towards air packs.

The new-used fire boat is temporarily being stationed in the area of the 13-mile marker while the district’s other boat is stationed in the area of the 35-mile marker.

The boat is being named the “John Suellentrop” (sullen-trop) after the retired chief who also serves as a current board member and has been involved with the district since the 1970’s.

A christening ceremony will be conducted in the weeks to come.


Marine 39 In Service
3 August 2023

The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District is pleased to announce that our new fire and rescue
boat, designated Marine 39, has been placed into service.

Marine 39 is a 32 ft vessel featuring a large deck, enclosed pilot cabin, patient crane, 1,500 gpm
pump, twin 200 hp Yamaha motors, hoses, and medical equipment. The pilot’s cabin features
radar, GPS, deck cameras and a mounted thermal imaging camera.

The vessel is 2015 Stanley Boat the District was able to purchase from the Scullville Volunteer
Fire Department in New Jersey at a cost of $175,000 in April. The funds for this boat were made
available when the District was awarded a $265,000 grant for air packs, allowing the District to
use otherwise ear marked funds to purchase the boat.

The Firefighters worked to purge the unit of any remaining sea water, and polished the vessel
stim to stern. Assistant Chief Wieberg performed a neutralizing bath on the vessel and repaired
the trailer which needed axles, brakes, and rotors. Captain Moreland performed maintenance on
both motors to ensure the vessel was ready for service. Putting a second rescue vessel in service
in our community was a team effort and saved the District potentially thousands of dollars by
performing these tasks in house.

The vessel is being temporarily stationed in the area of 13-mile marker until its permanent dock
is secured. The District’s other boat, a 1983 Boston Whaler, designated Marine 29 is stationed in
the area of the 35-mile marker. Our District boundary runs from the 8 to the 40 mile markers.
Keeping with firefighting tradition of naming a vessel after a famous or influential member,
Marine 39 has been named the John Suellentrop after the retired Fire Chief and current Board
President. Mr. Suellentrop has been involved with the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District
since the 1970’s, serving on the board various times as well as serving as a Volunteer and Career

We will be holding a christening ceremony in the weeks to come, but Marine 39 will be
responding to alarms starting today

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony