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Search For Donnie Irwin Continues After 9 Years

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Family and friends of a Camden County man who went missing without a trace 9 years ago Thursday hope the new year will bring closure in the case of Donnie Irwin.

Irwin’s sister Yvonne says she expects when spring arrives some active searches in the lake will resume…

“He did struggle with mental illness. He definitely struggled with depression. His his life had kind of taken a downward spiral. He had had a very successful career, and then he ended up getting ill, and he had to have his leg amputated. And then they were talking about having to amputate the second leg. You know, he kind of was down in the dumps, definitely. You know, my heart still wants to say this is the year. Every year I say, this is the year. So I still have to stand on that and say, 2023 is going to be the year. If it wasn’t for the original group that got this movement going, I don’t think we’d have all these eyes out there looking for him the way we do now. So, you know, I have to say a great big thankyou for all those people who are trying to help somebody that they’ve never met in their life and bring a closure to a family that has been waiting nine years.”

She says it’s believed her brother likely took his own life, but all these years later neither his body nor the car he was last seen in have been found, leading them to believe they’re somewhere in the Lake.

All News RSS Feed Crime State News Thursday, December 29th, 2022

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