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Search Still Continues For Individuals Involved In Fish & CO Server Assault

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The search remains underway for a group of diners who pulled a waitress into the Lake over the weekend.

Sergeant Scott Hines with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office says they released an updated image poster on Tuesday, but that lead wasn’t the one…

“We did have a photograph that was given to us….and they said they though that this person may be involved. And actually that person, they reached out to us…to let us know hey, that’s me you’ve got on the picture but I wasn’t involved. So we’re still running down that lead, but at this point we don’t consider that person a suspect.”

The waitress, 20-year-old single mother Liahna Bertels, was allegedly pulled into the lake by the group, who left the Fish and Company without paying their tab.

While they attempted to leave, she grabbed the red-decked pontoon boat and an unidentified man onboard then grabbed her arm, thus pulling her into the lake as the boat was backing away from the slip.

Adding insult to injury, the group cheered loudly after she fell in.

Hines says all lake area servers should avoid these types of situations…

“Don’t go chasing after people because you don’t know who you’re chasing after. You know, the person who’s walking out on their tab….is it worth your safety to go chasing that person down? Now, I also understand that if you just let every body walk out of the restaurant….sooner or later, you’re going to have to be locking the doors. So there is a balance we all have to find.”

Anyone with information on the group responsible for this assault should contact the Camden County Sheriff’s office.

All News RSS Feed Crime Top Stories Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024

Reporter John Rogger