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Seismologists Caution Missourians To Be Prepared For Earthquakes During Awareness Month

All News RSS Feed State News Sunday, February 5th, 2023

It’s a topic we don’t think much about here in the lake area which, potentially, could be a big mistake…that is, the possibility of a major earthquake.

That’s according to Jeff Briggs, Earthquake Program Manager with the State Emergency Management Agency.

“These earthquakes have the potential to be so severe that there’s going to be significant shaking and maybe even some damage as far away as mid-Missouri. So we want everybody to be aware of it and be prepared for it.”

Briggs says a large-scale event is generally considered long overdue along the New Madrid Seismic Zone in southeast Missouri.

Raising that awareness about possible effects of such an earthquake is the main message behind Earthquake Awareness Month which is being observed all this month.

More information about the do’s and don’ts during an earthquake, minor or major, can be found on SEMA’s website.

All News RSS Feed State News Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony