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Sunshine Request Denied By Osage Beach Police In Palan Case

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A recent Sunshine Request for body cam video and audio submitted by the KRMS News Department to the Osage Beach Police Department has been turned down.

The video and audio requested is in connection to the December 16th, 2022, arrest of 27-year-old Cassidy Palan, of Osage Beach.

Courthouse records indicate Palan was formally charged with DWI and two counts of assault special victims for allegedly being involved in a traffic accident on westbound-54.

During the sequence of events, according to the probable cause statement, Palan shoved her body at one EMS worker, head butted one officer and tried to “hump” and kick the arresting officer.

In a statement from the City of Osage Beach, the Sunshine Request by KRMS was turned down because the video and audio is now in the hands of the Camden County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office as evidence against Palan and will not be made available until after the case is over.

Supporters of Palan claim that she had been drugged without her knowledge that day.

Palan is was scheduled to be in court on Thursday for an administrative hearing connected to the case.

All News RSS Feed Crime Politics Thursday, January 26th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony