Thu. Apr 18th, 2024


Sustainable Ozark Partnership Annual Meeting Held This Week In Waynesville

Waynesville was a little busier than usual this week with the Sustainable Ozark Partnership holding its annual meeting.

The agenda for this year’s meeting, according to State Representative Bill Hardwick, largely focused on strategies to sustain and grow the defense missions of Fort Leonard Wood and the fort’s engagement strategy with Pentagon and Congress.

“This event’s a big success. We saw a lot of leaders from Laclede County, Texas County, Phelps County, Pulaski County all come together. Engage with our federal and state elected officials, engage with officials from the Department of Defense, to make sure the mission of Fort Leonard Wood’s growing and make sure the economy around in this area is growing also.”

Hardwick represents a part of Pulaski County.

Among the speakers at this year’s annual meeting were: Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, 4th District Congressman Mark Alford, Brigadier Generals Joe Riccardi and Sarah Albrycht, and Missouri Military Advocate Harry Roberts.

Reporter Mike Anthony