Mon. May 27th, 2024


The City Of Grants – Warsaw Wins Major $25 Million Dollar Revitalization Grant For Streets & More

Another major grant approval is setting up for a revitalization in Downtown Warsaw.

According to city administrator Randy Pogue, they were just approved as one of four Missouri Cities to get the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity, or the RAISE grant, at a grand total of just under $25 Million dollars.

It’s expected that the RAISE grant funds will be used to improve several roads in town, all of which will connect with the Drake Harbor and Recreation Area, and that includes ADA-compliant sidewalks.

Pogue also says that the grant will cover the cost of striping for Main Street as well as extending one of the town’s trails, making it a full loop.

One more project planned for the city is stormwater mitigation wetlands, which will help reduce flooding issues across town.

Pogue says the city has been applying for this grant since 2009 and it’s just another grant added to their list of grants that have helped to make major improvements in the city for the past decade.

Reporter John Rogger