Tue. Apr 16th, 2024


PSC Issues A Decision In Ameren Missouri Callaway County Solar Panel Project

Ameren Missouri is getting the green light for its massive solar switchyard project in Callaway County.

The Missouri Public Service Commission is approving their application to build the 345 kv switchyard, which is set to generate around 250 megawatts of energy across the 14-acre property for customers across the state.

The project, known as the Burns Switchyard, is being built with the cooperation of Show Me State Solar and they will be the operator of the facility.

The commission says Show Me Solar has already obtained the necessary contracts to acquire the land in two parcels and upon closing, they will combine them and convey them over to Ameren.


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The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an application filed by Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri which authorizes Ameren Missouri to construct, install, own, operate maintain, and otherwise control and manage a 345 kV switchyard and associated facilities in Callaway County, Missouri (known as the “Burns Switchyard” or “the Project”).

According to the filing, Ameren Missouri, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO), and Show Me State Solar, LLC (“Show Me State Solar”) have entered into a Generator  Interconnection Agreement (GIA) which will facilitate the interconnection of a 250 megawatt (MW) solar generation facility in Callaway County. The 250 MW solar facility will be owned and operated by Show Me State Solar and is not subject to this CCN request.
To facilitate the Show Me State Solar interconnection request, Ameren Missouri will construct the Burns Switchyard that will sit on approximately 14-acres. Show Me State Solar has obtained option contracts to acquire the land via two parcels. Upon closing, Show Me State Solar will combine the parcels and convey them to Ameren Missouri.

“The Project provides the transmission facilities necessary, under MISO’s Generation Interconnection Procedure, for interconnection of the Show Me State Solar project,” stated the Public Service Commission Staff. “In addition, the requested CCN is consistent with Ameren Missouri’s current Preferred Resource Plan.”

The Commission approved the application determining: 1) There is a need for the service; 2) Ameren Missouri is qualified to provide the proposed service; 3) Ameren Missouri has the financial ability to  provide the service; 4) Ameren Missouri’s proposal is economically feasible; and 5) The service promotes the public interest.

Ameren Missouri provides electric service to approximately 1.29 million customers in Missouri.

Reporter John Rogger