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Football’s coaching carousel sees a big name off the board today, Jim Harbaugh, leaving the defending national champion Michigan Wolverines, his alma mater, to return to the NFL and coach the L .A. Chargers.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports it’s a five -year contract and Harbaugh looks to do what he’s done everywhere.

Lift a team or program back up like he did at Stanford, the 49ers, now with the Michigan Wolverines.

He’ll get a franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert, but look to turn around what’s been some disappointing results even when Herbert is healthy.


How about last night down in Springfield?

Major college basketball upset as the Missouri State Bears in double overtime take down the Drake Bulldogs 83 -80 career high, 36 points for Alston Mason in the win.

That’s a big one for the Bears. They had been struggling.

They’re now 11 -9, 3 -6 in the Valley.


The St. Louis Blues have won three straight.

They beat the Vancouver Canucks last night in overtime four to three.

Brayden Shen, the captain, had the game winner in OT.

So the Blues follow a three -game losing streak with now a three -game winning streak.

Road trip continues at Seattle tomorrow.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Thursday, January 25th, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews