Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Weather Forecast Sees Rain Amidst Drought Conditions With Continued Heat

Here we go again…dry conditions with Mother Nature turning up the heat over the next few days here in the lake area.

Cara Foster, with Weatherology, says the silver lining is that we do have a pretty decent chance of receiving some much-needed rainfall.

“Showers do become more likely starting Wednesday night and then also continue all day Thursday. So there is some good chances here, mainly from Wednesday night going into Thursday and then also into Friday.”

Foster also says, however, with the rain chances also comes the possibility of severe weather popping up.

“We do want to keep an eye on that for right now, because it looks like basically the entirety of the state of Missouri will be under a slight risk for some severe weather.”

More details can be found here: WEATHEROLOGY

Reporter Mike Anthony