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Agreement Made Between Camden Deputies And Commissioners Over Outside Work

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Issues being raised about deputies from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office working side jobs to provide security at different venues have been put to rest.

The main issue, according to Presiding Commissioner Ike Skelton, focused on deputies providing security at a couple businesses off H-H on Bittersweet Road.

“We found by going through contracts that there were maybe a couple little flaws in how things were doing it. So the commission wanted to review this and see how we can make it a little more solid, a little more less concerning. As far as liability.”

Sheriff Tony Helms says security side jobs have been filled by his deputies for several years and have been under a watchful eye by his department.

“I do have a restriction. They cannot work in a bar, period. They can work in a parking lot….that kinda stuff. And what they do on their off time, as long as they’re not in my car, my uniform, that’s up to them.”

The discussion ended with the county commission unanimously signing off on a contract holding the business owners hiring the uniformed and on-duty deputies liable for reimbursing the county for their wages and benefits.

The deputies are then also subject to any emergency calls received from in the area.

All News RSS Feed Politics Top Stories Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony