Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


Bill Filed In Jefferson City Would Change I-44/I-70 Names

A proposed bill to be considered in the next Missouri General Assembly would flipflop the names of interstates 70 and 44 running through the state.

House Bill-2067 pre-filed on Wednesday by Representative Don Mayhew would change the name of Interstate-70 from the Kansas-Missouri state line to the Missouri-Illinois line to Interstate-44.

The bill would also change the name of Interstate-44 stretching from its current boundary in the St. Louis area to the Missouri-Oklahoma line to Interstate-70.

The short two paragraph introduction of the bill goes no further with any other information provided for the proposed changes to the names of the two interstates.

The 2024 General Assembly begins at 12-noon on Wednesday, January 3rd.

Reporter Mike Anthony