Sat. Jul 20th, 2024


Bill On Drug Distribution Still Awaits Governor’s Signature

A Senate Bill that would enact provisions related to the distribution of drugs awaits action from the executive branch in Missouri while another bill, dealing with fees charged for inmate phone calls, was stopped short of reaching the governor’s desk.

Senate Bill 751 would enact provisions relating to distribution of 340B drugs.

Senator Justin Brown of Rolla is the sponsor…

“The 340B program provides access to discounted pharmaceutical prices to eligible hospitals and federally qualified health centers.”

Senate Bill 751 is among the measures sent to the executive branch this year, but has not yet seen action taken.

Among those items that did not make it past the legislative finish line this session is Senate Bill 1098.

Senator Steven Roberts of St. Louis is the sponsor, and says this measure would have created provisions relating to inmate phone call fees…

“If we seek to rehabilitate and see individuals grow at our correctional facilities, we must ensure that they are able anchor themselves in those relationships…just as we do.”

Senate Bill 1098 did not see time on the floor of the Missouri Senate.

It was voted “do pass” by the Missouri Senate Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom