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UPDATE (9:00am): Reported Shooting in Camdenton, Suspect in Custody

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Reports remain sketchy but Camdenton police confirm a shooting Monday night.

What is known is that police and EMT were called to the location on Lakeview Drive, near Highway-54, and blocked off the street at the time.

Unconfirmed reports to KRMS News indicate that the shooting happened when an altercation ensued after the driver of a dark colored minivan with a light on top nearly hit a pregnant woman walking along the street with a male companion. The woman’s companion was then reportedly shot twice before the suspect vehicle fled the scene.

It’s also believed that medic-vac was called in for the injured subject.

The Camdenton Police Department confirmed, as of about 9:00 this morning, that the suspect is in custody and being held in the Camden County Jail. More details are expected to be released by CPD later today.

All News RSS Feed Crime Monday, March 4th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony