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Camdenton Police Chief Says East HWY 54 Seems To Be “Accident Prone”

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East Highway-54 would appear to be a problem area for motorists in Camdenton with a majority of traffic accidents happening on that stretch during the month of June.

That’s according to Police Chief Jeffrey Beauchamp who says 11 of the total 13 traffic accidents happened on east-54 with the other two on north Business-5 and on private property.

What might be the silver lining in the report, however, is that the accidents do not appear to be caused by any dangerous conditions other than human error. Six of the accidents were determined to have been caused by drivers following too closely, three of the accidents due to drivers failing to yield, and one each caused by distracted driving and driving under the influence. The other two were blamed on undetermined and non-categorized reasons.

The chief’s report is expected to be addressed during this next week’s board of aldermen meeting.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Sunday, July 16th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony