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Cardinals Pickup Another Win While Royals Fall To The Tigers

KRMS Sports Friday, July 21st, 2023

It’s now six wins in a row for the Cardinals since losing their first game out of the All -Star break.

They beat the Cubs last night, 7 -2 up in Chicago. Jordan Walker playing in his first game at Wrigley Field hits his ninth home run of the season.

Was heckled a little bit by the Cubby crowd, Paul DeYoung.

He goes deep as well, his 13th long ball of the season.

And maybe the biggest headline here, Stephen Matz, who’s really struggled to find his way this year, has been better as of late.

And in fact, just five innings, but six strikeouts, only one run.

He wins his first game of the season, Matz, now one and seven.

And the Cardinals continue to creep.

There are now nine games under 500 playing the Cubs this afternoon once again.


The Royals, meanwhile, blanked by the Detroit Tigers at the K.

Three -to -nothing was the final.

Michael Lorenzen gets the victory and Zach Grinke.

No run support, no offensive support from his teammates.

Only went four, however, gave up two runs.

He’s now one in ten.

Royals with just four hits on the evening.

KRMS Sports Friday, July 21st, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews