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Chiefs, Mizzou & Blues Part Of Friday Sports Report

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Week 15 of the NFL season is underway.

The Chiefs travel to New England on Sunday to take on the Patriots.

New England team that has gone through some tough times in 2023. They’re just three and ten on the year.

Chiefs favored by eight and a half on the road, even with some of the tough times they are going through. Losers in three of their last four games. Of course, you’ll hear it Sunday. 93 -5 rocks the lake.Mizzou football.

They are hitting the recruiting jackpot as of late. A four -star running back out of Texas last night in the class of 2024.

Announcing he has committed to Mizzou, choosing the Tigers over Ole Miss and Alabama, viewed to be in the top 20 in his position at running back nationally.

More good news for the Tigers as head coach Eli Drinkwitz among the finalists for the Bear Bryant National coach of the year award.

Nick Saban, Steve Sarkeesian, David Braun at Northwestern, among the other finalists for this honor.Mizzou basketball in Kansas City on Sunday.

They’ll take on Seton Hall. Final warm -up, if you will, before Illinois in Braggen writes on Friday.


And the Blues beat the Ottawa Senators 4 -2 in Drew Bannister’s debut as interim coach.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Saturday, December 16th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews