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College Football Rankings Show Mizzou Dropping From 12 To 14

KRMS Sports Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

The latest college football playoff rankings are out and Mizzou did drop a couple of spots.

They were 12 last week. They moved down to number 14 after their loss to top ranked Georgia.

Interestingly enough, their opponent Saturday, the Tennessee Volunteers, a spot higher than the Tigers at the moment and at number 13.

So that certainly emphasizes the importance of Saturday, certainly as you look ahead and the Tigers’ hopes of maybe getting a New Year’s Day Bowl or even better, a New Year’s Six Bowl.

They are out of the running for the most part with the SEC Championship and the National Championship now behind them.

Mizzou running back Cody Schrader, a great acknowledgement yesterday, a semi -finalist for the Burlesworth Trophy.

This goes to college football’s best player who at one time or another was a walk on and that was Schrader’s case last year when he transferred to Mizzou from Truman State.

He has been among the league leaders all season long in rushing for the Southeastern Conference coming off another monster game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

KRMS Sports Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews