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Election Results For Area Mayors, Alderman & Other Elected Positions On KRMSRADIO.COM

Here’s a look at Tuesday’s election results for area Mayor’s races, Alderman races & other related races across the region.


Camden County:

Camdenton: Don Neuharth beat out Steve Eden by a 19-18 margin.

Horseshoe Bend: The 35-cent per assessed levy will be retained in the Horseshoe Bend Special Road District. The question was approved at the ballot boxes on Tuesday by 565-149 margin.

Linn Creek: While the races for mayor and Aldermen at Large were uncontested, voters in Linn Creek did decide the fate of the city being able to forgo future uncontested elections. That measure passed by a 4-0 vote.

Osage Beach: Propositions to implement a local use-tax for online and out-of-state purchases and getting rid of the elected collector’s position in favor of distributing the duties to current city staff both failed at the ballot boxes. The use tax was shot down 175-101 while disposing of the collector’s position was shot down 146-127.

Sunrise Beach: Stephen Barthol received 23 votes while Steve Carter received 22 to grab the two seats. Travis DeJong had 20 while Jaime Stoller received 17.

Stoutland: Voters elected Jared Morrow and Kasin Thomas to the 2 Councilman positions open, defeating LaVera Milligan and Wendy Zeigenbein.

Village of Four Seasons: Voters in the Village of Four Seasons elect Ranita Jones as the Trustee, 291 to Luanne Ruck at 290. Ron Weighs was 3rd with 281 votes. They also rejected a proposed local use tax. The measure was defeated 238-186.


Miller County:

Countywide: Vote for Bridge Park Tax passes by a 1,570 to 996 margin.

Bagnell: Darrell Bunch defeats Vernon Jaycos 227 to 124 to become the next Bagnell Special Road Commissioner.

Brumley: Stepheny Byrd, Lora Roberts, Steve Pendleton all were elected for 3 year terms as Trustees, while Deloris Trusley and Louis Roberts were elected in the 2 year term for Trustee.

Eldon: In Eldon, Brian Phillips and Bryon Hull each received 43 votes in the race for the Ward-3 seat on the board of aldermen while both propositions were given thumbs-up. Proposition-A…a $15-million waterworks bond issue…was approved 286-61 while Proposition-B…a general one-half of one-percent sales tax…was approved 223-125.

Iberia: Stacie Howk defeats J-L Parks Junior for the Ward-1 aldermen’s spot in Iberia, 17 to 10.

Lake Ozark: There were three contested races, Tuesday, for the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen. In Ward-1, Pat Thompson beat out William Dees 107-56. In Ward-2, Johnnie Franzeskos edged out Randy Gardner 61-58. And in Ward-3, David Ridgely was elected being Dawn Hentz 41-16.

Tuscumbia: Rodney Sullins topped the field with 13 votes and Rhonda Chevalier received 11 votes to win election. 22 other total votes were cast for the other 13 candidates.


Morgan County:

Laurie: The City of Laurie Sales Tax unofficially ends in a tie. There were 20 votes for and 20 votes against the issue.

Gravois Mills: Both Michael Hudgins and Barbara Newkirk win for the 3-year term as Alderman.

Stover: Gabby Sidebottom and Kelli Judd win their roles in the Board of Alderman while Sharon Fry was uncontested as Mayor. The city voted yes for the sales tax question.

Versailles: Voters in the City of Versailles give approval to a proposed one-quarter of one-percent sales tax. There were 50 votes in favor of passage compared to 34 votes on the negative side.


Benton County:

Cole Camp: Diana Burdick defeated Robert Meuschke in the race for Mayor, 178 to 111. Jeremiah Crider defeats Jonathan Beckman for West Ward Alderman while Mindy Fox was uncontested in the East Ward.

Lincoln: No races were contested but voters did say yes to the City Question for the Police, 67 to 31.

Warsaw: No races were contested, all candidates were elected to their respective positions.

Reporter John Rogger