Mon. May 20th, 2024


EMA Office Does Joint Drill With Sunrise Beach Looking At Explosion At Waterfront Gas Dock

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A functional exercise dealing with a boat going out of control and crashing into fuel pumps at a Lake of the Ozarks waterfront business goes off without a hitch.

The exercise took place Friday afternoon involving more than a dozen agencies plus KRMS Radio and TV at the Sunrise Beach Fire District Headquarters.

Camden County E-M-A Director Samantha Dale says the Local Emergency Planning Committee exercises are vital, not only to be prepared for worst-case scenarios, but to also make sure resources are available in the case of a real thing.

“The local emergency planning committee handles all the hazmat training that is available to first responders in the area….and once a year, they try to do either a tabletop or a functional full scale exercise…to see where the gaps are, and what’s needed in funding.”

The Camden County L-E-P-C plans to do an all-out drill with real-time responses sometime in the next year.

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony