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Firework Fails At OzFest Causing Damage To Vehicles And Some Reported Injuries

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Updated story:

The OzFest fireworks show in Rocky Mount comes to an early unexpected ending Saturday night.

Rocky Mount Fire Chief Kevin Hurtibise says a rogue component of that firework, unfortunately, became a showstopper.

One of the fireworks malfunctioned, and a portion of that firework called the report went into the parking area and spectator area.”

Five of the spectators and one fireman on the scene were transported to the hospital and, at least, 20 vehicles were damaged in the blast.

The display was put on by Ozark Fireworks.

KRMS News has reached out to the company for a comment.


What is a Report? The report is a component of an aerial display shell or mine. A report contains salute powder, a powerful pyrotechnic composition (usually flash powder) which explodes violently, producing a loud noise with the visual effect of a bright flash and smoke.


Previous story:

Scary moments at a Lake Area Festival over the weekend as a rogue firework explodes close to attendees & parked vehicles.

It happened at the OzFest in Rocky Mount during a show put on by Ozark Fireworks.

Numerous witnesses at the scene indicated that the firework exploded near guests of the event, shattering glass in numerous vehicles & even setting off the airbags of a fire truck.

Some vehicles also had their door handles blown out & they received damage that is similar to baseball sized hail.

No official report has been released as of Sunday; however, it was noted that there were some injuries.

Numerous agencies assisted at the scene, including area fire and ambulance districts.


****Cover Photo posted by Lake Resident Andrew Maxon on Facebook….other photos below posted by Jim Jones, Ashley Paton & Dawnwood Freedom….


All News RSS Feed Entertainment Top Stories Sunday, October 15th, 2023

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