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Friday Morning Fire Destroys Part Of An Senior Living Facility In Osage Beach

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Fire destroys part of an senior living facility in Osage Beach on Friday.

The blaze happening at the Lake Ozark Village, just off Mace Road.

The firefighters did an outstanding job. Absolutely incredible Stop on this fire. The fire had started on the outside, it appears, and through the eaves and the attic space. But all in all, the firefighters did an outstanding job to put a stop on this fire.”

Osage Beach Fire Chief Paul Berardi tells KRMS News the fire was through the roof, causing damage to 12 of the units in 1 building, however those residents are getting help.

We’ve displaced, I guess 12 units. I don’t know how many occupants are in each unit. We got Red Cross on the way, and the Osage Beach Police Department called in some buses, and we’re able to help out the residents that way. And we transported the people who are immediately affected over to a church where there are housing them for a little while.”

Berardi says they do not know the cause of the fire at this time; however, they are confident that the fire started outside.

The other side of the building was undamaged and crews are working to re-open that section for those residents.

What we have here is a single story apartment complex. There are 12 units in each wing, one wing that will not be able to be reoccupied. And so there’s another 12 units in the other wing that we’re working now with city officials and building management to try to get them back in that building, which seems doable, but it’ll take a little bit of work to get that done.”

No one was injured and the fire was contained within a few minutes.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Saturday, November 18th, 2023

Reporter John Rogger