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Full Scale Response Exercise Helps EMA Office Understand Needs And Adjustments For Future Events

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Several key players, including KRMS-TV, getting together this past week to go through the motions of how a response would play out in the case of a large scale emergency event impacting Camden County.

“So we can plan all we want to for emergencies, especially large scale emergencies. But if we don’t practice the plan, we can never figure out what’s wrong with the plan or find out what we’re lacking.”

The focus of the full-scale exercise, much like a few years back in Camden County and just about a year ago in Wooldridge in Cooper County, was an expansive wild land fire requiring multiple agencies to provide mutual aid and how to deal with getting information out to the public.

The bottom line, according to EMA Director Samantha Henley, is that the exercise has three main goals for when such an incident presents itself in real life.

Save lives, save property and look out for the environment.”

Hundreds of hours went into the planning of the full-scale training event.

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Monday, October 30th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony