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Lake Area Reaction From Lake Ozark Decision To Support Casino Bill

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Reaction to the City of Lake Ozark going forward to adopt a resolution of support to Senate Judiciary Rule 14 to expand casino boat gambling and, presumably, land that boat along the Osage River in Lake Ozark is seemingly mixed.

Speaking in favor of the concept during a special session of the board of aldermen was Andy Prewitt

“A lot of the revenue is going to be people coming down from out-of-state spending money and having a good time here. I don’t think it’s any far off of the entertainment that the city of the Lake Ozark and the Lake of the Ozarks region already provides to people. I think it’s just higher quality entertainment.”

Resident Charlie Kempf spoke against a gambling boat with his concerns focusing on the possible effects on the family concept.

“I get it as far as the attraction for money, but what does it do for the family? You look at the areas that it’s coming to the family, what it’s done, what the suicide rates are, what the addiction rates are.”

Mayor Dennis Newberry also got involved in the public comment period engaging with a couple of the speakers.

“Primary place that we have gambling is Las Vegas. What’s the title of that city? Can you tell me that? (Mayor: I’ll let you speak it.) No, you know? (Mayor: Sure. I think we all do.) What is it? (Mayor: Sin City.)”

Following the public comments, the board of aldermen unanimously adopted the resolution which was delivered Tuesday to the State Senate for a committee hearing on SJR-14.

The hearing was conducted with no action reported on the measure.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics State News Friday, February 10th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony