Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024


Lake Ozark Says “NO” To Resolution Of Support For Osage Nation Casino

The City of Lake Ozark says “no” to a resolution of support for the Osage Nation Indians to bring a casino to town.

“There was a great deal of input from the public” says City Administrator Harrison Fry, “There was a crowd there, folks on both sides of the issue saying “Vote yes on this,” saying “Vote no on this” or “amend it to say the following”…..the board listened to that input. They received a lot of it at the previous meeting too, and there was a motion made to table it until the first meeting in August to give more time for information and changes. Ultimately, that motion did fail.”

The vote to table the issue again was 3-3 with Mayor Dennis Newberry casting the tiebreaker which, effectively, killed the issue.

The Osage Nation can still get federal and state approval to put a casino onto property they already purchased in the city.

Earlier this year, the board of aldermen sent a different message approving a resolution of support for expanded gambling in Missouri so a casino could be put up in the city along the Osage River.

However, that measure failed to advance through the legislature and to the governor’s desk.

Reporter Mike Anthony