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Lake Regional Says Hospice Care Isn’t Just For “End Of Life” Situations

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All too often, hospice is a part of health care we don’t think about unless such a service becomes a need for a family member or loved one.

Whether it’s just a temporary service to get a patient back on the road to normal or an end-of-life situation, it’s really a team effort for providers of the care.

“During these difficult transitions, patients and their families need emotional support. So the chaplain and the social worker, in that aspect, nursing everyone, provides that with every interaction that we have with them” says April Jeffries, Clinic Manager of Lake Regional’s Home Health and Hospice program.

Jeffries adds, in many cases, the job is difficult because relationships are often formed between hospice providers and patients…“Patients and their families become so much part of our hospice family. And we care absolutely to the utmost depth of our heart about these patients.”

Jeffries also says hospice does not always mean “end of life care” and is a personal choice to have the service provided.

For more information about hospice, you can contact Lake Regional Health Care or your healthcare provider.

All News RSS Feed Health Friday, February 24th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony