Fri. May 24th, 2024


Lake Representative Dr. Thomas Says Foreign Ownership Likely To Be Another Big Discussion When They Return To Jefferson City

Although the 2023 general assembly just recently came to an end, state lawmakers are already planning for the next regular session which will begin in early January.

One of those looking ahead is the 123rd district’s Lisa Thomas who represents parts of Camden and Miller counties.

Dr. Thomas says one bill which failed to reach the governor’s desk this past session dealt with foreign ownership of agricultural land across the state.

“You’re talking about an incredibly complicated issue that other states are grappling with. And again, it’s not even something that just Missouri has to write Missouri language. It has to be something that goes along with federal policy. And again, we’re talking international implications. So that is something that is not taken lightly.”

Thomas also says she expects the issue to be another top priority for the next regular session which begins in early January.

Reporter Mike Anthony