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Lake Residents Speak Out About Jason Aldean Music Video & CMT

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Reaction within the country music industry and beyond, including here in the lake area, has been widespread after Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” is labeled as being racist and sending out a pro-lynching message.

A couple KRMS listeners also weighed in with their reactions about C-M-T yanking the song and the brewing controversy.

“This country music television just needs to be bud lighted. Just turn it off. They’re choosing to be offended. It’s ridiculous. They’re keeping things stirred up” says one listener….while another says “There’s not a darn thing wrong with it. That’s how we have to live. And thank God for the good old boys out there.”

Aldean issued a statement saying that there is not a single lyric or reference to race in the song and that there’s a not a single video clip in the song’s video that isn’t real news footage.

The controversy is just now starting despite the song already being out for two months.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Friday, July 21st, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony