Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Lake School Districts Receive Passing Grades When It Comes To School Buses

School districts across the lake area, for the most part, receive passing grades when it comes to their buses.

The Highway Patrol’s annual bus inspections were recently conducted with four lake area districts scoring 100-percent…those districts include Camdenton, Iberia, Macks Creek and Stoutland.

Scoring over 90-percent were Eldon, Morgan R2-Versailles and School of the Osage.

Scoring between 70-80 percent were St. Elizabeth and Warsaw, scoring between 60-70 percent were Climax Springs and Morgan R1-Stover.

The Miller County R3-Tuscumbia district came in with only one of seven buses approved, three were deemed defective and three others were taken out of service.

All totaled in the lake area, 258 buses were inspected with 232 approved, 19 deemed to be defective and seven were taken out of service.

Reporter Mike Anthony