Lake Winter Drawdown Continues Across The Lake Area

Business Local News Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

The annual winter drawdown continues at Lake of the Ozarks with levels expected to bottom out around the 6-60-level.

With levels at Truman inching up and levels dropping here at the lake, Ameren’s lake level hotline advises property owners along the lake to be ready for the drop.

“Dock owners on the lake should make provisions for levels down to 651 in icing conditions. We are still in winter, even though the temperatures are fairly mild right now. The current projection is that the lake will drop to approximately 654 by March, depending on weather conditions and power needs.”

As we draw near to the spring season, Truman will be releasing more from their reservoir while Ameren will begin sending the lake level back up toward the 6-60 elevation.

The Ameren lake level hotline is recorded daily (573-365-9205).

Business Local News Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony