Thu. Jul 25th, 2024


Lawmakers In Jefferson City Planning To Discuss Senate Bill 748 Soon

When the second half of this year’s Missouri General Assembly begins, state lawmakers are expected to take a look at legislation which has been on deck since the beginning of the session in January.

Missouri Senate Majority Floor Leader Cindy O’Laughlin of Shelbina says Senate Bill 748 would modify provisions relating to reimbursement allowance taxes…

“We need to get it done, I believe that we will get it done and we’ll have a lot of conversations about that. The end of session now, after Spring Break, it’s coming….so we’ll be sitting down and talking about that.”

Lawmakers require themselves to review the federal reimbursement allowance every few years.

Missouri Senate Minority Floor Leader John Rizzo of Independence says he believes the FRA could have been handled already…

“They came into session with that as the number 1 bill on the calendar. They themselves put that on the calendar as the top bill, then decided to put it on the back burner I guess….indefinitely.”

The Legislature has until September to make a final decision.

The 2024 regular legislative session will end on May 17.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom