Tue. Jun 18th, 2024


Efforts by Local Casino Group Supported by the City of Lake Ozark

The possibility of plans moving forward again with a casino coming to Lake Ozark is met with open arms by the board of aldermen this week.

We’ve received a specific proposal from a local development group, Osage River gaming, who is partnering with the national gaming corporation Bally’s in an attempt to get Missouri voters to do a constitutional amendment that would give them the chance to compete for a license here within the city limits.”

City Administrator Harrison Fry says the vote to support Osage River Gaming’s initiative petition efforts was unanimously approved by the board of aldermen.

A separate effort not long ago presented by the Osage Nation Gaming group was shot down with Mayor Dennis Newberry breaking a tie vote based, at least in part, on a lack of revenue information presented to the city.

If that project should also advance without the city’s official support it’s possible, according to Fry, that Lake Ozark could have two casinos being developed within the city.

If both groups are successful in their effort through their different channels, that would be true.”

Reporter Mike Anthony