Fri. Apr 19th, 2024


LOTO Realtors Team Up With Laurie PD To Raise Money For K9 Officer

The Lake of the Ozarks Board of Realtors is teaming up with the Bear Creek Valley Golf Course to, hopefully, raise a lot of money that can be used by the Laurie Police Department to get a canine officer on duty sooner than later.

Assuming it happens, Officer Nick Shoemate is expected to be the handler for the future canine which, according to Shoemate, will provide a big overall boost to the community especially for tracking lost or missing people.

Sometimes it could take up to 30, 40 minutes, depending where the canine is coming from, especially with it, most of it being on this side of the lake. That said, Lake does have a little bit of resources, but it’s going to be right there. We’re going to be able to get out there and get help faster for the community.”

The projected cost to purchase and train the canine, with city approval, will run in the neighborhood of about $15-thousand.

The fundraising golf tournament is set for Monday, the 25th of this month. More information about the tournament is available on the board of realtors website or social media page.

Reporter Mike Anthony