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“Major” Developments in 10-Year-Old Missing Person Case of Donnie Erwin in Camden County

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With the announcement over the weekend of what is being considered a major development in solving a 10-year-old missing person case in Camden County, all efforts are now focusing on closing the case especially during this time of the year.

We’ve been working the, uh, the missing persons case of Donnie Irwin since December of 2013. So almost almost ten years, December 29th, almost ten years to the day.”

The vehicle belonging to Donnie Erwin when he went missing was discovered by drone pilot in a small farm pond near Camdenton in the southwestern part of the county. The sheriff’s office and Mid-County Fire District divers also responded to the scene and a match was made on the license plate.

The discovery of the car according to Hines, is a big step in likely being able to close the case, now, sooner than any later.

I hope that we can provide an explanation and if not a full explanation, at least some closure and recovery of his remains.”

And until that does happen, the case very much remains open.


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A possible break in a 10-year-old missing person case of Donnie Erwin in Camden County.

The sheriff’s office reports that a freelance videographer and drone pilot had been looking earlier last week in the southwestern area of the county for anything that could’ve been connected to the case when he spotted what was believed to be a car submerged in a small pond on some private property.

A subsequent search of the area and the pond confirmed the car which led to the sheriff’s office and members of the Mid-County Fire District’s Dive Team responding to confirm the license plate number having belonged to Erwin.

The Hyundai Elantra was pulled from the pond and is being processed while the focus of the search for any presumed remains of Erwin is now centered around the pond and surrounding area.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony