Sun. May 26th, 2024


Missouri Marijuana Sales Taxes Being Challenged In St. Louis Courts

Could marijuana taxes being levied by lake area counties and communities be coming under fire with future dates to be argued in the courtroom…?

That could depend after a lawsuit has been filed by a St. Louis-area dispensary accusing St. Louis County and the State of Missouri of unconstitutionally stacking three-percent taxes on adult-use marijuana sales on top of each other.

The suit alleges stacking the taxes on top of each other infringes on directives laid down in Article 14 of the Missouri Constitution which does not authorize a county to impose the tax within the boundaries of an incorporated village, town or city.

Counties and several municipalities around the lake area approved ballot issues to allow for the collection of the adult-use marijuana tax.

The lawsuit filed in Florissant is the second challenge in the state aiming to halt the tax stacking.

If successful, Missouri cannabis consumers could save some $3-million dollars being paid out in taxes every month.

Reporter Mike Anthony