Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


Missouri Senate Looking At How Delinquent Property Taxes Are Collected

The Missouri Senate is taking a close look at the way delinquent property taxes are collected.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Lincoln Hough of Springfield brought Senate Bill 750 to the floor of the Missouri Senate for discussion.

His proposal would modify provisions relating to the collection of delinquent property taxes…

“Kinda streamlines the process that communities can use now, to get those properties back in some sort of shape that folks can purchase them.”

Also Tuesday, time was spent on Senate Bill 964.

Senator Greg Razer of Kansas City is the sponsor.

He says this legislation would designate Aug. 6 of each year as “Chris Sifford Day” in Missouri…

“He was a journalist, a staffer, a chief of staff to the Governor. Chris was with the Governor and his son Randy when their plane tragically crashed in 2000.”

Both of Senate Bill 750 and Senate Bill 964 have been laid over for future consideration.

The 2024 regular legislative session will end on May 17.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom