Wed. May 29th, 2024


Missouri Senators Are Having Discussions On The Missouri Marriage Age

Provisions relating to marriage age in Missouri come into focus during discussion this week in the state Senate.

Part of Wednesday afternoon was spent on Senate Bills 767 & 1342.

Senator Holly Thompson Rehder of Scott City tells her colleagues her proposal seeks to modify provisions relating to marriage…

“This bill changes that age to where you have to be an adult. So you’ll have to be able to sign for yourself to get married, so it bans child marriage.”

Senator Lauren Arthur of Kansas City co-sponsors Senate Bills 767 & 1342.

She says she introduced her version of this legislation after talking with a constituent…

“It may not affect everyone in this State, but for the people who find themselves trapped in these types of marriages…it makes all the difference.”

Senate Bills 767 & 1342 receives first-round Missouri Senate approval and still needs another “yes” vote to move to the Missouri House of Representatives for similar consideration.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom