Mon. May 20th, 2024


Missouri Senators Working On Two Bills Relating To Public Employment Retirement

Missouri senators give preliminary approval to Senate Bill 898, which would modify provisions relating to public employee retirement systems.

Sen. Rusty Black of Chillicothe presented the bill….he says this legislation would modify provisions relating to public employee retirement systems…

“And would delegate that authority to the board. None of the other retirement systems have such prescriptive language in their statue.”

Each year, there is usually a proposal to designate certain dates for certain events or certain people.

To this end, Sen. Greg Razer of Kansas City presented Senate Bill 964, which would enact provisions relating to state designations…

“What we had the last time…we had added all the amendments that were voted on, successfully on the floor, are now in this substitute, including new language.”

Missouri senators give both of these bills first-round approval.

Another “yes” vote would send them to the Missouri House of Representatives for similar consideration.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom