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Mizzou Football Looks At Eligibility Of Players Ahead Of Bowl Game This Weekend

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The hits just keep on coming for Mizzou Football, another prospect out of the transfer portal.

This time from the University of Florida, it’s defensive lineman Chris McClellan.

He’ll have multiple years of eligibility left starting next year and he’s a former top 125 recruit.

The Tigers will have some losses across that defensive line, most notably Darius Robinson.

So McClellan’s arrival will be a welcome one for sure.

Some now have the Tigers recruiting class and this would factor in both the class of 2024 and the transfer portal as a top 10 class right now and Mizzou’s schedule definitely fortuitous to maybe make a run in 2024.

But of course before all of that it’s the Cotton Bowl Friday as the Tigers take on Ohio State.

Still up in the air if Buckeye wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. will play in this game.

His status up in the air, he’s with the team in Arlington, Texas but did not practice on injuries but maybe a health concern to keep himself upright because he’s viewed to be a top 5 prospect in this spring’s NFL draft.

He could still opt out of this game.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews