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Mizzou Making Strides In The Recruiting Field With Basketball & Football

KRMS Sports Monday, August 14th, 2023

Mizzou continues to make huge strides on the recruiting trail in both football and basketball.

Great week for Dennis Gates.

He lands four -star recruit Marcus Allen about a week ago, and then Friday he brings in the big four -star center, Peyton Marshall, viewed by many as a top 60 recruit.

His commitment means at the moment, and it’s still very early in the proceedings.

Mizzou would have a top 10 recruiting class, and according to one service, Mizzou would have a top five recruiting class, and there is a long way to go.


Then there’s Mizzou football.

Head coach Eli Drinkwitz could be close to a major commitment landing.

Later today, Williams Narwani, a five -star defensive end from Lee’s Summit North, is expected to make his decision.

Many believe it will be Mizzou. Oklahoma is also in contention along with Georgia, and they’ve stolen a few current Mizzou players, and Mizzou recruits along the way.

That will be a major announcement later on this afternoon.

Coach Eli Drinkwitz telling reporters this weekend the current Mizzou roster, Connor Tollison, is expected to be the starting center once games start for real.

KRMS Sports Monday, August 14th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews