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Mizzou Picks Up Major Basketball Prospect Marcus Allen

KRMS Sports Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

It’s another massive get from Mizzou basketball and hit coach Dennis Gates last night as they land four star prospect Marcus Allen out of Miami, Florida.

The second four star recruit for coach Gates in the class of 2024.

He will join T O Barrett in what is currently looking like at the very least a top 15 class for coach Gates.

Who knows it could improve to be a top 10 class before it’s all said and done currently ranked as the second best class in all of the SEC right now.

Only Texas A &M is better.

The first preseason poll is out in college football.

It comes from the USA today.

Coaches poll. No surprise here the Georgia Bulldogs the defending two time national champions.

They earn the top spot.

The Missouri Tigers not in the top 25 but they are receiving votes in fact 11 points for the Tigers in this first poll.

KRMS Sports Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews