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Mizzou Transfers & Changes Announced In Tuesday’s Sports Report

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Well, we told you yesterday afternoon a big get for Mizzou football in the transfer portal with Cody Schrader moving on after the bowl game, his eligibility running out.
Tigers certainly have a hold of Phil at running back and they’ve done that with Marcus Carroll Jr. running back from Georgia State.
First team all sunbelt this past season had over 1 ,300 yards on the ground and 13 touchdowns viewed to be one of the best running backs available in the transfer portal.Tigers won’t be done either more positions to fill along the offensive and defensive lines.
More good news for the Tigers with four players making all the American teams.
Running back Cody Schrader no surprise here first team all American wide receiver Luther Burden and cornerback Chris Abrams drain second team all Americans and offensive tackle Javon Foster makes third team all American that was all voted upon by the Associated Press.
There will be other all American teams announced as we go throughout the next few days.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews